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 Some of our Smack Sportswear Fans asked our Athlete of the Month, Angie Akers their volleyball questions. 

Congratulations to Smack Fan, Gina Boyland of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for winning Smack Volleyball gear just by submitting her question!!

Here’s what pro-beach volleyball player Angie Akers had to say:

1)  Im only 5″1 & i LOVE volleyball. I am the captain of this teams Jr volleyball. But my problem is, I can’t spike the ball, any advice for higher vertical jump or the timing?

Well, at 5’1, you are at a definite height disadvantage.  You need to be aware of exactly where on the ball your hand is making contact.  If you think of the ball as a clock, you need to be making contact at 6 o’clock, as opposed to 12 o’clock if you are reaching over the net.  A good wrist snap will get you topspin to make the ball drop once it travels over the net.  As for improving your timing, have your coach toss a ball into the air while you practice your approach, but catch the ball at the peak of your jump instead of hitting the ball. 

2)  What is the most important tip you can give to a young fellow volleyball player striving for college play?
My most important tip to give a young volleyball player striving to play in college is to focus on your grades.  You become much easier to recruit if you have good grades.  You will open up a lot more doors to schools you may have never thought about by getting good grades and being at the top of your class. 

3)  What is your favorite exercise to help your vertical?

My favorite exercise to increase my vertical is the box jump.  You can make it as easy or challenging as you would like.  But the focus is always on a soft, controlled, and QUIET landing.  No stomping, sounding like an elephant.  Always start low/easy and increase from there.  Make sure you have a sturdy, safe landing zone and ALWAYS step off the box…no jumping down.

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