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Volleyball Shoes Overview

While the most important body part in volleyball is the hands, having the proper footwear is also essential to successful play. There are many popular brands of volleyball shoes specifically designed for volleyball players, but three companies — Adidas, ASICS and Mizuno — are considered the leaders.

Volleyball Shoes – What Makes a Good Shoe?

The most important aspect of the volleyball shoe is the protection provided in the heel area. Because of the repetitive nature of jumping and the fact that the heel absorbs pressure equal to eight times your body weight, proper cushioning and support in this area is vital. You should highly consider the upper, midsole and outsole of the shoe when making a decision.

Volleyball Shoes – Mizuno

The top volleyball shoes in the industry belong to Mizuno, specifically the Wave Tornado for men and the Wave Lightening 6 (click here) and Wave Spike for women (click here) . All are considered high-quality shoes for indoor play.

Volleyball Shoes – Adidas

For men and women , the Adidas 6-3-1 CC Team series (men; women) is the most popular brand of volleyball shoes, with a cooling component among its most popular features. The moisture transport and ventilation is a great feature for the serious athletes.

Volleyball Shoes – ASICS

ASICS volleyball shoes is the third of the top-three shoe manufacturers, with its GEL series the most popular (click here), especially among women. The GEL series includes the SenseiTM, Gel Rocket, and the Volleycross 2. Volleycross volleyball shoe (men; women), which also comes with a Gel cushioning system, is considered the best of the Asics line, as of January 2011.  It combines the best qualities of both a running shoe and volleyball shoe. The 1130V (men; women) is also popular along the Asics line as it gives great traction and shock impact.

If you have a favorite shoe that is not listed here…let us know!


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