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Smack Sportswear volleyball fans put Albert “Al-B” Hannemann under the spotlight for some Q&A time.  Al-B is the founder of the NEW National Volleyball League (NVL) and is Smack Sportswear’s Athlete of the Month.


Here’s what Al-B had to say to YOUR volleyball questions:
1. What does it mean to you to be the President of a new National volleyball League?

It has always been something I wanted to do. I just didn’t think this opportunity would come so quickly. The way my career had to end with the AVP surprising everybody on August 13 last year was a major disappointment. I am happy to rebuild the sport and I am excited for the future.

2. Ok, maybe replacing is a bad word….Is the AVP still around or will there be two separate leagues?

AVP will not have a tour anymore. I gave the AVP 18 years on tour and did everything I could to help them make it through difficult times. I loved the AVP and it’s unfortunate that the AVP is gone forever. The National Volleyball League is the new league and we are going to have 6 events this summer and 10-12 events in 2012.

3. How many events will be nationally televised?

We aren’t focused on national television as that is what got the AVP in a lot of trouble. We are focusing on a grassroots approach with producing our own shows, social media campaigns, run clinics across the country, and live streaming video. If a sponsor wants to be on national television then they will pay for it.

4. I have read that you are heavily involved with Can you please explain your role & how you’ve seen this program benefit the youth of today? Will you be expanding on the number of sessions already successfully completed?

I am the vice president and program director. I have seen hundreds of children learn how to play this sport and it is a great feeling. We are running a program again in Carson now and have completed over 38 programs in 12 years. It is very rewarding to have witnessed our kids learn how to play and some of them even received college volleyball scholarships. We have expanded and have programs in 6 different states and are looking at starting a program in Canada this summer.

5. How did you come up with NVL?

I was asked from my peers and fans if there was any interest in me starting a new tour immediately after the AVP shut down. I had my brother in law put the deal together with investors and here we are today ready to run the new tour.

6. If your NVL is for beach vball in the US then why didn’t you add the word “beach”?

Our website is for everyone that loves volleyball if you play indoor or beach. Our league will be on the beach but we are building the biggest online volleyball community in the world. Our athletes are very accessible and will be available to communicate with fans more than ever before.

7. What makes NVL different from PBVL, AVP and Karch’s tour?

We are focusing on the lifestyle of the sport. We want the NVL to be a place where you will have the best possible experience as a player, fan, or sponsor. We are running volleyball vacations during the week of each event along with dig for kids junior clinics. Our programs and VIP fan experience program will make us unique and nobody has this experience or existing fan base. Our prize money will be large and the players will want to play in our high quality events.

8. What can you offer to the beach vball fans?

The best players in the world will play in our events. Our athletes will host the fans during week long clinics leading up to each event and our player parties will blow everyone away. It is all about the experience.

9. Will the NVL have any east coast stops?

Opening up in Baltimore then in Virginia Beach and Miami.

10. Why does it show event dates for 5 to 6 days long?

Because we are starting each event with Volleyball Vacations and Dig For Kids clinics and tournaments where the NVL players will host the fans at tournaments, clinics, and socialize at dinner and parties.

11.  Will there be a clothing line/online store for the new league?

Yes. Our NVL pro line will be available in the next few weeks. We are partnering with Smack Sportswear to produce and sell our line with us.

To check out the NVL website click here.


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