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What a difference a weekend can make.

As strictly stated in our event qualification criteria, players must compete in at least eight domestic or eight international tournaments as a TEAM, with that TEAM’s best eight finishes counting towards the AVP Cup Standings and the top two TEAMS per gender (both domestically AND internationally) at the end of the season in order to earn invitations to the inaugural AVP Championships event.

Force majeure not withstanding.

Due to extenuating circumstances, however, Sean Rosenthal, Matt Fuerbringer and John Mayer will no longer be able to compete this weekend, and we are forced to go back on the very rules and regulations we originally created. Their replacements will be Ty Loomis, Stein Metzger and Matt Olson, respectively.

By changing the date of the event from October 1 to October 22, athletes who could have originally competed on Oct 1 are no longer able to participate on the revised weekend; Rosenthal injured his knee in Morocco, Mayer hurt himself during a practice earlier in the month, and Fuerbringer has an obligation at Stanford University this Saturday he unfortunately could not get out of.

Additionally, in preparation for the event, marketing collateral had been created for the original teams scheduled to compete, including printed mesh showcasing specific athletes, and money had been spent out of an already tight budget. Players already notified of their invitation could not be recreated in said collateral and monies could not be recouped.

That said, this event is still a TEAM event and NOT an individual accomplishment. The original teams who qualified are still the teams that should be commended for their achievements in 2011. But, yes, outside factors put us in a position where we had to replace Sean, Matt and John in order to keep the event alive and not waste additional money on revised collateral. Make no mistake, we still expect the highest level of play from Ty, Stein, and Matt in their stead, so anticipate a great day of action on the sand, none-the-less.

New men’s teams are now officially: Jake Gibb and Ty Loomis, Nick Lucena and Stein Metzger, and Matt Prosser and Matt Olson. They’ll join Sean Scott and John Hyden, the clear favorites, in pursuit of the AVP Cup Trophy.

And, yes, that’s the same Stein Metzger you think we’re talking about. HE’S BACK!!! And ready for a return with former partner Mike Lambert in 2012. Catch his first tournament back in action since 2009 this Saturday in Huntington Beach. And expect quite a few knuckle pokies back to the line…

Women’s teams remain the same. Fortunately, zero injuries or scheduling conflicts arose.

article courtesy of and Monica Lee