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Only the Olympic bound team could stop her and her partner.

(Torrance, CA) – May 23rd, 2012 – The NVL Professional Tour has officially started last weekend with the opening tournament at Preakness and Baltimore Beach. Our Smack athlete Jenny Kropp together with her partner Whitney Pavlik managed to start off their NVL season with a phenomenal second place. The girls were sporting their new 2012 bikinis and they looked great as evidenced by the photos above.

Their first game of the NVL Professional Tour was against Laryssa Mereszczak and Andrea Peterson, which they easily won in two sets (21-10, 21-18). In round 2 Jenn and Whitney had to face Raquel Ferreira and Christal Engle. Those two are ranked no 10, Kropp and Pavlik won this game in two sets as well (21-17, 21-17). The game in round 3 against the third placed Smack player Brooke Sweat and her partner Jennifer Fopma was the most difficult game of the tournament so far, for Jenn and her partner, but they managed to win this game in two sets like the ones before (21-11, 21-18). In the Semifinals they had to beat Ferreira and Engle again to make it to the finals and they did; they defeated them once again in two sets (21-11, 21-14).

In the finals our 2012 Smack athlete and her partner had to face the number one team of the country, April Ross and Jennifer Kessey. Only the team that is Olympia bound managed to stop Kropp and Pavlik. They lost in a spectacular game (21-13, 21-16). If you would like to watch the finale, check out the following site: The NVL Women’s Final, the sign up is free.
We here at Smack would like to congratulate Jennifer and her partner on the great work and hope their season continues this successful.
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