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It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a weekend or mid week Magnum P.I. will be there.

(Torrance, CA) – May 31st, 2012 – A lot of things have changed regarding the 6-men tournament, for the first time it won’t be held on a weekend but on a Tuesday and Wednesday, therefore a lot of the usual teams won’t be playing and the tournament is still not filled up, but one thing will not change and that is the participation of the Team Smack Sportswear Magnum P.I. in this traditional South Bay tournament.

6-man wouldn’t be the same without a team of great beach volleyball players with 80ties mustaches in Hawaiian shirts. Team Magnum P.I. has been a part of 6-man for almost 20 years and in the last eight years they have won it five times and finished second twice, no other team has dominated this tournament like Team Smack Sportswear Magnum P.I. has.

Due to the move from the weekend to mid week several other teams decided to boycott the tournament or the simply can’t play because many players work during the week. Bill Sigler, the head of Magnum PI, says: “We’ll support 6-man I loved (founder) Charlie Saikley, so we’re definitely going to do it. I hope it goes well. It is unfortunate that they moved the tournament, but it will reduce the crowds. However the problem is the young people who don’t know how to handle their alcohol and all those young kids will be out of school so they will probably come down again. Unfortunately us older people who are responsible have to suffer from their actions as a result.”

How the move to mid week will effect 6-man in the future and whether the drunken crowds can be avoided is unsure but one thing is for sure there will at least be some familiar faces and excellent volleyball players on the sand for 6-man in 2012, thanks to Sigler and Team Smack Sportswear’s Magnum P.I.

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